Palin Lists Hispanic Vote as Top Reason for McCain Defeat


This week on the Today Show, Matt Lauer asked Palin if she was surprised by the margin of the Obama victory. Palin responded,

Ya know, it did. I thought it would be closer—but then, taking a step back and being able to consider why it was that the margin was as great as it was, it makes sense: we didn’t get the Hispanic vote—and that was very significant.

Palin echoed her remarks in a November 12th interview with Wolf Blitzer where she said:

I think there’s so much blame to go around–if you will–in terms of why it was that the Republican ticket didn’t win—That’s being attributed to we didn’t get the Hispanic vote—that really hurt us.

Yet what Palin failed to mention is what charged the Latino vote: immigration. Immigration was a mobilizing force in this election. It motivated unprecedented turnout by this emerging voting bloc, which even Palin has credited for the Democratic sweep across the country. Candidates hoping to win their votes must be responsive to issues that matter to them, including immigration. As Simon Rosenberg of NDN was quoted as saying in USA Today, “If the Republicans don’t make their peace with Hispanic voters, they’re not going to win presidential elections anymore. The math just isn’t there.”




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