President Obama Calls on Congress for a “Fair, Practical and Promising Way Forward” on Immigration Reform

This morning, President Barack Obama reaffirmed his dedication to comprehensive immigration reform at the Esperanza USA National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC. “This promise means upholding America’s tradition as a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants,” he said. The President also gave a general outline of his immigration plan—ensuring employers don’t exploit low-income workers, requiring immigrants pay taxes, learn English and get in line to naturalize.

Today’s re-affirmation was a step forward after the President pushed back his initial White House meeting on June 17th. This morning’s speech was greeted with great expectations and anticipation that the President will uphold his June 25th meeting with lawmakers to devise plans for comprehensive immigration reform even at a time when “there’s no shortage of challenges to occupy our time.”


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  • alex chavez

    please keep me posted…i am really looking forward on this issue.

    thanks a lot

  • angel martinez

    I want to believe but I m only believe on God, and his promises, President Obama and al politics doesn’t care about immigrants , they don’t vote, It’s about sensibility , something nobody has it for long time.

  • Alex

    This is an issue that is very important to me. I am a very strong supporter of “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” and I want to send emails, faxes and make fone calls to my representatives when needed showing my support,

  • Joan Dworetzky

    While immigrants may not vote, family members who are US citizens do. Immigrants are also taxpayers who employ US citizens,and consumers who buy the products that US citizens produce. Therefore we should not underestimate the potential political support that may exist for this issue. What we have to guard against is legislation that is “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” in name only.