Rep. Gutierrez to Introduce Immigration Reform Bill December 15

Written by on December 11, 2009 in Legislation, News Flash with 22 Comments

Today, Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez (D-IL.), announced that he will be introducing a comprehensive immigration reform bill in the House of Representatives on Tuesday, December 15, 2009. Congressman Gutierrez said “We have waited patiently for a workable solution to our immigration crisis to be taken up by this Congress and our President. The time for waiting is over. This bill will be presented before Congress recesses for the holidays so that there is no excuse for inaction in the New Year. It is the product of months of collaboration with civil rights advocates, labor organizations, and members of Congress. It is an answer to too many years of pain —mothers separated from their children, workers exploited and undermined security at the border— all caused at the hands of a broken immigration system. This bill says ‘enough,’ and presents a solution to our broken system that we as a nation of immigrants can be proud of.”



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  • dina

    yeah!!!! about time.. God willing other members will agree

  • sunny

    Hope Congress this time hear the pains of Immigrants who like me have given 25 plus years of their Prime in waiting to get legalized. Bravo Rep. Gutierrez fight for Jutice, Coming Genaration will thank you.

  • MTA House Inc.

    Good Luck Rep. Gutierrez Your Cause is nobel, Tell those Right wing Hate groups not all Immigrants depends on Hand outs, Now we can bring our Company boss back to run this office, who got stuck in Canada due to forgeting to renew advance Parole to enter USA prior for ER + departure, but was here all his life try to build American Exports with world, So we can have Jobs.

  • Igoru

    Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez, I applaud you.
    You are The Man of Your Word.

  • Eduardo A. Lagumbay

    I hope the good Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez (D-IL.), wiil include those sons and daughters now of mature age of veterans of World War II, who were naturalized US citizen upon the Immigration Act of 1990 where my deceased veteran father who died in 1995 was one of them. However, until now, there is still no law that provides us to derive citizenship or naturalized us being the sons and daughters of naturalized US citizens. Thank you… MR. EDUARDO A. LAGUMBAY-Philippines.

  • Green

    Rep. Luis Gutierrez understands 12 million undocument people already living in USA are representing the entire world, It will make better tie with all countries who terms with America took beating over Human Rights.”Act Local think Gobal”. Show the world America still leads in Liberty, Justice and Human Rights for all.

  • Gbaby

    Bravo Congressman Gutierrez, make a good name for yourself by fighting for those without words, you will always be remembered like the Kenedy’s family for their concern and fight for the humanity. I wish that this bill will pass and put smiles on the faces of all those who have suffered due to the broken immigration system.

  • sammy tee

    Way to go. This is long over due. A 26 year wait for me has not been easy. I am a parent of a US Citizen who has been denied rightful status because of a broken system. I am hoping people like me will be included because we have been waiting in line for such a long time.

  • cassher.

    I am hoping everything goes very well with this bill. If the immigration reform falls through, alot more families could continue to be broken up, i hope everything goes through so mine will not be next.

  • rajani

    Hope the CIR will also address the long waited Nurse Bill

  • raji

    Hello Sir, Please do not forget about the International RNs who are waiting for their visa numbers since 2005. As you know RNs comes under Schedule A category and as per Government Projections large number of nurses are required to fill up the vacant positions. If no action is taken by congress in the near future, countries like Canada, Australia, UK and New Zeland will take away all the qualified Nurses

  • trudy krasovic

    BRavo to Congressman Luis Gutierrez for taking the stand in this critical issue.
    Please, support CIR now!

  • Ellen

    I am praying that this time the reform will be passed. It is time to end all the non sense and the crazy hatred against inmigrants… the ones that have been living an honorable life in the States should be given an opportunity to become citizens so they can continue contributing to this country without fear of being deported. There are bad people but there is tons that are HARD workers, HONEST people that have done nothing but contribute their best years of life to the enrichment of this country. Congressman Gutierrez…God bless you for your heart of compassion and for your courage to take this forward!!! My prayers are with you!

  • Daisy

    Yes, agree on changing this Immigration laws which are hurting spouse and childrens.

  • The broken-in-thousand-parts US immigration system is in desperate repair. 450 congressmen and women,and a 100 senators are fully aware of it, yet it took only one brave politician to address this issue. Rep. Luis Gutierrez, we the American people salute you and encourage you to go forward. And for those against it, remember last elections !

  • Christina

    Immigrants are already here. Lets get real and quit making excuses. The pain is real, families are being torn apart. I am 100% for a good reform. One that legalizes immigrants without criminal backgrounds, and yes, secures the borders. God did not make borders, man did. So lets make the best effort in order to at least make it a better place not for ourselves but for others as well.
    -God bless!

  • ceci

    BRAVO! a least now we know sombody is on our side,i love this coutry with all my heart.way 2 go senator

  • cher

    Amen Sir Luiz Gutierrez,thank u very much for your support on Comprehensive Immigration reform…LORD Please Have Mercy on Us…GOD Bless you Sir Luiz

  • cher

    GOD Bless America for supporting the Comprehensive Immigration reform,to our President Obama Millions Thanks for your understanding the situation of the family that are far apart,thank u Mr.President GOD Bless you,your family and your Administration..We salute!

  • Bryan

    Thank God,immigration reform takes center stage once again.To Honorable Cong.Guiterrez,I’m one of the million people who expects GENUINE immigration reform,your bill is purely based on American Ethics,human rights and American Dream.May God guide this bill for a brand new start for all people who only want better future for their love ones.

  • about time! Obama is really slacking on the immigration issue..

  • What Rahm said was bad. What Rush said was not bad, because it was satire. Family Guy is satire and what they said was bad. My head hurts.