Senator Reid’s Commitment to Moving Immigration Reform Still Firm

Written by on April 13, 2010 in Legislation, Reform with 3 Comments

At the beginning of every new work session in the Senate, Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) lays out his plans for the coming few weeks—a sort of roadmap for the Senate and those who follow its sometimes glacial progress towards passage of a bill. Given Senator Reid’s recent statements that he would move comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) this year, the absence of immigration reform on the list for the weeks leading up to Memorial Day has already led to some headlines trumpeting backsliding on Reid’s part. That interpretation would be a mistake, as Reid can’t bring something to the floor that doesn’t yet exist. Just as you can’t expect to see a Supreme Court nomination vote in the next six weeks (there’s no nominee yet), you can’t expect to put immigration on the floor without an actual bill. Every promise to move comprehensive immigration reform—particularly a promise from the Senate Majority Leader—increases the pressure on Senators Schumer and Graham to produce a bill. And Reid hasn’t recanted—his staff has assured ImmigrationImpact that he intends to take on CIR in 2010.

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  • Reid, like Obama, is merely giving lip-service to the issue. The closer we get to November the likelihood of CIR grows smaller and smaller.

    Their actions delaying CIR to the last possible moment speaks volumes of their true intention, which is to avoid the issue altogether, and then pass blame to the GOP so that they are able to save face during the mid-term elections.

    We elected these people to address immigration reform, not lie to our faces and then stab us in the back while we cast our vote in the election booth.

    I’m not buying any of it.

  • Senator Reid is just one cog in the Obama/DNC machine.His job is to carry out and advocate Obama/DNC policy decisions.He says what he is told to say for political expediency by the DNC/Obama people.
    I for one do not trust the Obama/DNC machine at all.I think they have all along been using and playing Latinos and the immigration reform movement as unwitting dupes to buttress political support for obamacare,democratic candidates and government programs such as the bailouts,TARP and stimulus scams.
    I believe they have absolutely no intention of getting behind immigration reform in the same way they did health care even though Obama promised Latinos during his campaign that immigration reform would be at the top of his list of priorities if elected.More recently they suckered the CHC into abandoning their resolute “no immigration reform-no health care” position with more pretty sounding words and phrases-false promises..downright lies.Sadly and pathetically,The CHC folded like a cheap suit.
    The DNC/Obama machine-all words ,no action.IMHO they couldn’t give a rat’s ..s about immigration reform or Latinos. Latinos to them are nothing more than votes-every 4 years they get out there,don sombreros,throw out a few words of mangled spanish,sing mariachi songs off key and eat tacos with the Raza.
    To illustrate my point with something current-The DNC recently issued it’s annual 2010 survey( begging for donations).It is revealing that for all the shouting and breast beating by DNC leaders supporting immigration reform, they conveniently and cynically failed to bring it up to potential money donors!!..immigration where to be seen..”out of sight out of mind” as far as Obama/DNC are concerned.
    The handrwriting on the wall-one more sign that Democratic leaders aren’t sincere about getting behind immigration reform.It listed 13 national issues the Obama/DNC would be focusing on during the remaining Obama presidency.
    Guess what? immigration reform wasn’t even mentioned in the list of the top 13 issues!!,zip,nada…

    It’s time for a change-Latinos need to kick the kool-aid habit,spash their faces with some nice cold water and sober themselves up.Latinos need to stop their pathetic pleading and begging the Obama/DNC machine who continues to kick them in the teeth.Latinos need to concentrate on educating and building a higher level of political consciousness among Latinos,building unity and mobilizing the Raza for action We Latinos need to rely more on our own people,become more independent and not owned by any of the two major parties..
    We need to look at reality the way it is instead of believing in santa claus and the tooth fairy..(the democratic and republican parties).

  • I hope you’re both wrong. I have been planning to help the Democrats win in November financially and going door to door, but……. I am going to start asking a lot more questions about immigration reform. I am tired of living in a community where some of our members have to live in the shadows. They are some of the best people I have ever met and deserve to live without fear as the rest of us do.