President Obama To Deliver Speech on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Written by on June 29, 2010 in Reform with 4 Comments

According to a White House press release, President Obama is expected to deliver remarks on “the need to fix our broken immigration system through comprehensive immigration reform” at the American University School of International Service on Thursday, July 1. Only time will tell whether it’s a call to arms, more lip service or remarks on a yet to be filed DOJ lawsuit against Arizona’s SB1070.

Yesterday, President Obama met with a handful of immigration advocates, faith groups and labor leaders to again reaffirm his bipartisan commitment to moving immigration reform. According to Rev. Sam Rodriguez, president of the evangelical National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference:

“The president reaffirmed his commitment to immigration reform,” Rev. Sam Rodriguez told POLITICO after the two-hour huddle. “We reaffirmed our commitment to supporting him, pushing back the Republican wall that has opposed immigration reform. The question is whether or not Republicans want to alienate for many generations the Hispanic electorate, the immigrant community and now possibly the faith family values community that currently supports immigration reform,” he said. “That’s the question that Mitch McConnell [and] Boehner need to answer.”


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  • SB 1070, and other copy-cat bills being introduced in state legislatures throughout the nation, fail to bring attention to the root problems of extensive migration from Latin America to our nation and instead focus on treating the symptoms. Witness for Peace is an NGO that seeks to promote awareness of U.S. economic policies toward Latin American nations, and how such policies force Mexicans, Nicaraguenses, Colombians, etc. to migrate to our nation. Visit or to find out more.

  • If his idea of immigration reform is to go after SB 1070 he’s prevaricating again. There was no SB 1070 till recently and the problem has existed and grown for some time, especially under his watch. The problem is federal and he has the power to at least show some good faith and curb some of the worst damage by using his executive authority to place a moratorium on detentions and deportations of people who are guilty of no crime in this country until Congress can act . . . or get its act together. Instead, so far, he’s chosen to bring the voracious deportation machine that is ICE up to full power.

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  • Goodness, how many times has the President reaffirmed his commitment to immigration reform now? I lost count a while ago. All while sending more troops to the border and increasing deportations from already sky-high Bush-era levels. At what point does (did) the President lose all credibility on immigration policy?