Anti-Immigrant Activists Hysterical Over Recent DHS Guidelines

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Anti-immigrant activists are nothing if not predictable. They scream “amnesty” whenever any administration or congress tries to inject a little justice and humanity into our broken immigration system. So, naturally, the anti-immigrant crowd has been screaming “amnesty” without pause since August 18—the day the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced that it would review all of the nearly 300,000 pending deportation cases in order to identify those which are “low priority” and should be “administratively closed.” In other words, DHS will focus on deporting dangerous criminals rather than dishwashers.

This is a relatively modest policy shift and amounts to a decision as to how finite DHS resources can best be utilized to enhance national security and public safety. Needless to say, anti-immigrant activists don’t see it this way. Judging from their shrill comments, the DHS announcement means that all unauthorized immigrants in the country are now on the road to legal status, that all U.S. immigration laws have been rescinded, and that the Obama Administration is trampling upon the Constitution, Congress, and the public in its lawless quest for open and uncontrolled borders.

The statements coming from the anti-immigrant crowd range from the farcical to the delusional. Consider the following:

William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC):

“Obama has just created a constitutional crisis by nullifying the US Constitution, existing federal immigration laws, the votes of the Congress, and every vote cast and e-mail sent by Americans who have defeated this Amnesty legislation eight times in the last six years. This is the death of a nation. This is the fall of the American Republic and the loss of all that our forebears have fought to build and preserve.”

Stuart Hurlbert, board member of Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS):

“Effectively this is mass amnesty and another announcement to the world that indeed our gates are wide open. When the next million invaders arrive, Obama and Napolitano will plead that now a ‘shortage of resources’ forces them to limit enforcement actions only to serial killers who are unshaven, have bad manners and have killed in excess of ten persons.”

Frosty Wooldridge, advisory board member of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR):

“In the most anti-American act of his short term in office, Barack Hussein Obama, an outsider president gave amnesty to over 20 million illegal aliens and possibly a much higher number when the final count arrives. Obama, America’s chief law enforcement officer, decided to stop enforcing the law. No more deportations of illegal aliens! Usurp every legal immigrant and American citizen! U.S. borders do not mean anything anymore and U.S. sovereignty has been assigned to the highest bidder: employers of illegal aliens.”

Rick Oltman, former employee of FAIR and CAPS:

“In the most anti-American act of his administration that showed complete contempt for America and Americans, President Barack Hussein Obama amnestied over 30 million illegal aliens on Thursday. There was no legislation, no debate and no consideration for American citizens… It was cowardly because Obama and the political elites of both parties who want amnesty for illegal aliens knew they couldn’t get the legislation passed.”

Comments such as these bear no relationship to what DHS actually announced on August 18. But accuracy is not a highly valued trait in anti-immigrant circles. Inflamed and inflammatory rhetoric is far more important than facts.


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  • CJ

    This is outrageous! Women that come to America just to drop off a child in birth, that child should not be automatically an American. After they reach the age of 18 they should be able to start the registration application to become American, not an automatic gift. Up until the time they do start paperwork and then become American legally they there benefits should kick in. America can not afford to pay for the world, even if they were born on our shores, due to parents coming in illegally to drop them off.
    As for people being in our country and trying to run for President, we need to make sure that they are Natural Born Americans, which means at the time of their birth BOTH PARENTS were American Citizens, no exceptions.
    Look what we got, when Congress did not due there job (Obama)! If Congress did there job, and they followed our Constitution Obama would not have been allowed to be President, and our country would not be in the process of being destroyed.

  • Sam

    I think America already woke up and decided that the birther movement didn’t make any sense.

    Also, your problem with “automatic citizenship” is with our Constitution, you know, that document you’re urging Congress to follow. Birthright citizenship is outlined in the 14th Amendment.

    What’s outrageous is that people, aside from believing anything they read, promote myths as facts. That’s outrageous.

  • These comment about the “outsider president” – and the tiresome use of “Hussein” to make our democratically elected President seem to be one of “them” (whoever “they” are) – is so telling of a movement that has lost step with America.
    Unfortunately, these voices have managed to disable America in their efforts to take it “back” to a place most Americans (I hope) don’t want to go any more.
    I applaud OUR President for the courage to use the limited resources that he has to work with to get rid of criminals.
    Ironically, these same people would never advocate raising taxes so that our government can afford to chase gardeners and chamber maids.

  • Sunny B.

    President Obama had both houses in the beginning of his tenure, he allowed the conservatives to gain power by not keeping his promise to the Latinos which he ran his election campaign on. The only reason this guy is starting this’ new’ approach, is because his approval rate is in the toilette and he is hittin’ the road for his re-election campaign.
    The picture on this blog is racist. Not all white people are against immigration, and not all non-whites are for it.

  • Thumper

    In order to prioritize resources, the feds are only going to deport criminal illegal aliens. Well, I would think that you would want to keep lawbreakers guessing. Would you let criminals know that you are only going to be arresting murderers next year, not bank robbers. If you really want to get the most bang for your buck, you would keep all lawbreakers guessing. I think the same applies here. Illegal is illegal. Even if you run accross a non-criminal illegal alien (if there is such a thing), through a routine traffic stop or while searching for a murder, that illegal alien should be deported. After all, if saving on resources is really the objective, it has cost zero dollars to identify and arrest the randomlly identified illegal aliens. Amnesty is not the answer. We did that in 1986 and it only encouraged more illegal immigration.

  • Just because something is illegal dosen’t mean it is wrong, murder is wrong bank robbery is wrong you’re stealing from people hurting people. Illegals aren’t hurting you or stealing from you, and they’re not pointing weapons at you.