House Passes Bill to Block Immigration Executive Action

Written by on December 4, 2014 in Executive Action, News Flash with 8 Comments

News Flash_CapitolThe House of Representatives voted 219 to 197 on largely party lines to approve a bill from Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL) that blocks President Obama’s executive action on immigration. Three Democrats voted in favor of the measure while seven Republicans voted against it; three members voted present.

Yoho’s bill effectively states that no president has the authority to give protected status to millions of immigrants, but it is so broad that immigration experts warn it could affect immigrants who benefit from other forms of relief. As MSNBC’s Benjy Sarlin reports, the bill could affect “battered spouses and abused children petitioning for a visa through the Violence Against Women Act, victims of human trafficking, or even just immigrants applying to adjust their legal status through marriage.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has already said the Senate will not vote on this bill. During debate on the measure, Yoho said, “To vote no against the bill is to vote no against the Constitution.” But Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) said, “Apparently the majority prefers to take symbolic votes instead of legislating real and lasting solutions.”

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  • Sylvia Malagon

    Unfortunately, the mid term election results have fooled them into thinking they can carry on as usual, obstructing progress instead of working together with Democrats to reform the immigration system. Surely they recognize that the current immigration system is not working in the best interests of our country’s economy? Except for the private prison industry, of course, which is profiting handsomely and sharing some of those profits with our politicians, Republicans and Democrats alike. At taxpayer expense, of course. And, of course, there will be the usual commentators who call hardworking immigrants “criminals” and “illegals” out of fear or ignorance. While the private prison industry laughs all the way to the bank. Now there’s the real criminals.

    • golfr

      you are a special kind of stupid. Are you aware of that fact?

      • Sylvia Malagon

        I’ve often wondered what makes internet trolls tick. You clearly have no real concern for the subject; simply a desire to cause outrage and strong emotions. Maybe a misguided cry for attention? But I thank you for your comment as it lead me to a couple of fascinating psychological articles about internet trolls.

  • Sylvia Malagon

    The article suggests that the bill is so broad that “it could affect immigrants who benefit from other forms of relief.” It lists some of these immigrants, including “immigrants applying to adjust their legal status through marriage.” I think it’s worth pointing out here that it’s not always that easy to adjust legal status through marriage because of archaic immigration laws including bars (sometimes permanent) for illegal entry. AFU (American Families United) is about to see their bill (HR3431) die because lawmakers cannot put their heads together to protect U.S. spouses from living in the shadows or in exile with their undocumented husbands or wives. Clearly, the punishment doesn’t fit the crime and U.S. citizens, who have done nothing illegal, have to suffer being separated from the ones they love. But only a handful of politicians have stood up to fight for this bill, which will be reintroduced in the next session. Let’s focus on fixing our immigration system through common sense legislation which is humane as well as serving this country’s economy. Enough of the political grandstanding.

    • Jesus

      Illegal is illegal, it’s not archaic to ban someone from our country that entered in illegally. If you marry a USC and you are illegal, well, too bad, your spouse already knows what the deal is. Let’s not be stupid. We cannot are lol every Tom, Sick and Jorge that entered illeagally to all of the sudden become legal just because they found love. ….

      • Ludy Palacios

        So, you suggest that illegal should marry illegal. Just like, Germans and Jews during the Holocaust.?

      • Sylvia Malagon

        Why not, Jesus? What are you afraid of?

  • dulchinea

    In regards to adjusting status through marriage – They’re probably referring in particular to spouses of US citizens who entered legally but overstayed. They are currently able to do adjust without having to leave the country (thus not incurring the bans).