We’ve heard the stories about Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents terrorizing immigrant families by kicking in doors in the middle of the night and separating mothers and fathers from their children.  However, in an ironic twist, Customs and Border Protection Officer Jim Slaughter is filing a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security after ICE agents showed up at his doorstep and demanded to search his home.

According to Slaughter:

“My wife said is this candid camera and that kind of ticked him off a little bit and he says no mam you need to step back… I said do you realize I’m a U.S. Customs K-9 officer at San Luis, Arizona and they all just froze. The lead agent, his eyes got real big, and he’s like what?  You are?”

The couple is now seeking $500,000 from each defendant after five armed-cops forcibly entered their house. The couple also claims the incident aggravated the wife’s hypertension.  Jim’s wife, Sheila Slaughter, explains:

“Here they invaded my home, think of this, my children weren’t home. What if my husband hadn’t of been home? What would they have done to me?”

Most households that ICE agents raid are not so lucky.