According to a White House press release, President Obama is expected to deliver remarks on “the need to fix our broken immigration system through comprehensive immigration reform” at the American University School of International Service on Thursday, July 1. Only time will tell whether it’s a call to arms, more lip service or remarks on a yet to be filed DOJ lawsuit against Arizona’s SB1070.

Yesterday, President Obama met with a handful of immigration advocates, faith groups and labor leaders to again reaffirm his bipartisan commitment to moving immigration reform. According to Rev. Sam Rodriguez, president of the evangelical National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference:

“The president reaffirmed his commitment to immigration reform,” Rev. Sam Rodriguez told POLITICO after the two-hour huddle. “We reaffirmed our commitment to supporting him, pushing back the Republican wall that has opposed immigration reform. The question is whether or not Republicans want to alienate for many generations the Hispanic electorate, the immigrant community and now possibly the faith family values community that currently supports immigration reform,” he said. “That’s the question that Mitch McConnell [and] Boehner need to answer.”