Can Alabama Afford to Enforce their New Restrictive Immigration Law?

This week, U.S. District Judge Sharon Blackburn failed to enjoin major provisions of Alabama’s extreme immigration law, HB 56, a law designed to drive unauthorized immigrants from the state. Under the law, police officers are now required to demand proof of legal status from anyone who seems foreign. School administrators are required to ask children about their immigration status and that of their parents. People and businesses—including utilities companies—are encouraged not to enter into contracts with anyone who cannot prove their legal status. While some anti-immigrant groups are celebrating the judge’s decision, Alabama businesses and state agencies may ultimately bear the economic brunt of this damaging law.

What does Alabama stand to lose?

Alabama’s law enforcement agencies are already cash-strapped. Training officers on the new law, the cost of detaining suspected unauthorized immigrants and the legal fees from potential lawsuits may further restrict law enforcement’s ability to protect and serve Alabama’s communities.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s office, for example, is already being forced to cut 20% of its budget this year ($3 million), which means eliminating 145 deputy positions and cutting back on safety services like dispatching deputies to the site of vehicle wrecks and collisions. According to Sheriff Mike Hale, the office “would refocus their efforts to fighting crime, but would have to reduce the number of patrol routes (or “beats”) from 37 to 24,” widening the patrol area and reducing patrol cars from three to just one.

Alabama would also incur hefty legal fees defending the state against lawsuits. Judge Blackburn noted in her ruling that requiring law enforcement to demand proof of legal status may result in civil suits under the Fourth Amendment by individuals subjected to prolonged detention as a result of racial profiling by officers with little or no training. Arizona has already spent $1.9 million defending its restrictive immigration law, not to mention the millions lost in tourism revenue and conference cancellations.

Driving unauthorized immigrants from Alabama will also damage the state’s budget. While unauthorized immigrants only represent roughly 2.5% (or 120,000 people) of Alabama’s population, they contributed $130 million in state and local taxes. They also represent about 4.2% of the state’s workforce—a workforce that may not stick around to see the new law implemented. In fact, a financial analysis firm reported that Alabama could lose $2.6 billion in economic activity, $1.1 billion in gross state product, and approximately 17,819 jobs if all unauthorized immigrants were driven from the state.

Like it or not, unauthorized immigrants contribute to the Alabama’s economy and workforce in significant ways. Driving thousands of people out of the state, alienating local businesses, and eliminating state tax revenues might not be the best economic plan for a state already facing a $979 million budget gap in FY2012.

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  • MdeG

    Yup, about like that. I think this is a fairly serious question for all the enforcement initiatives. CCA is just drooling …

    There’s also the question of time and attention. As in, what gets diverted from active crime in order to pursue people who “look as if they might be immigrants.” Depending upon how hard that change in priorities gets driven, it may degrade public safety rather swiftly. I do hope that there’s a little bit of common sense used *somewhere* in this dismal swamp …

  • Ladybigmac

    The state legislature has effectively shot itself, and maybe all of Alabama, in the foot. Serious crime will flourish while cops make traffic stops asking for papers. Then people that are legal will sue the cop and the state. All that wasted money will be stripped from where? Education budgets? It would be better coming from the salaries of the idiots that thought this was a good idea. Those same idiots should also be forced to pick the crops, catch the chickens and do the other farm chores that had been done by the people they have forced to leave.
    This is what happens when the Republicans, who feel superior to the rest of the population, are allowed to have the majority. We must vote to end the stupidity.

    • I cannot agree more! Its a witch hunt on larger scale. History repeats itself, makes me sick that they are so blind, Country is in denial, rationalizing and blaming. Its gonna be a mess.
      Since idiots have a bit of experience with hammers they gotta try out roof work at 120 degrees.

  • Howard Hudson

    If you need any hard numbers on the effect idiocy like this has on public safety, look at the Maricopa County (Arizona) Sheriff statistics. Under “Crazy” Joe Arpaio, responsiveness to 911 calls has gone down, time to clear a case through arrests have gone up, and overall, Arizonans are less safe than they were before he declared his one-man war on people-not-from-here. See,

    Y’all can expect more of the same in the Heart of Dixie.

    But never forget, if an Alabaman is worried about his job, losing his house, worried about crime, and generally not living the dream, a wily politician can always find a way to blame the immigrants. “They’re not like us, they won’t assimilate, they don’t speak “our” language, etc.” Oh, except, immigrants start businesses, immigrants care about family and neighborhood, immigrants are usually deeply grateful to their adopted country, if given the right to vote, immigrants will do so regular as a piston, immigrants serve in our military without complaint and with honor and distinction, and immigrants rebuild communities broken and left behind by those in power. Immigrants bring hope, desire for something better, and opportunity with them when they arrive. We could do a lot worse…