Senate Immigration Bill Has Arrived!

immigrationnewsflash1The Senate’s “Gang of Eight” has introduced the “Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act” in the 113th Congress.  The bill is 844 pages long and will no doubt invite weeks of debate on many of its provisions. The bill is the culmination of months of work by Senators and their staff, and was buoyed by pre-negotiations of the toughest sticking points between business and labor groups, as well as many other stakeholders.

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  • venky

    The previous Bill which was failed in the Senate during Bush Sir’s time was good.People has to
    wait according to the time which they spend in US was good…I mean for people more that 10 years were
    only to wait for 3 years and the breaks with others are also good.But in this bill all has to wait for
    long time irrespective of how many years they spend…

  • Betsy Rubin

    Link to bill is not working. Can you fix? Thanks for sharing the info!

    • Betsy-
      It’s actually a PDF, so it should start downloading automatically.

  • Hector

    I just wan to know with us the people from Honduras , since we have already a working permit ; are we going to get the residency first or we have to wait like the rest? We have been with working permit for fifteen years already

    • Hector- We will be releasing analyses of the bill shortly.

  • Betsy Rubin

    Thanks, it’s working for me now. (When I clicked on it before, it kept opening up an Outlook dialog box instead of the PDF.) Thanks for keeping us informed!

  • Kayla

    What if someone has order of deportation ?