Janet Murguia, CEO of President of National Council of La Raza was the final speaker at NDN’s Immigration Reform and the Next Administration forum event at the DNC.

Murguia wanted to add another dimension to the conversation by pointing out that as a Latina, she and her fellow Latinos care about a lot of issues–yet immigration is the single issue that crosses across the community and is mobilizing Latinos across the country.

Referring to Frank Sharry’scomments, Murguia pointed out that Latinos also thought it was a public policy discussion–yet after the failure of the 2007 bill, Latinos began to see a “wave of hate” targeted at not only immigrants, but at Latinos as a whole.

“This is about all of us” said Murguia “and now we are feeling under siege.”

Murguia said that we need to step up and define that it means to be American and Latinos are going step up during this defining moment. As you look at the demographics in swing states.

“We are going to turn back the wave of hate and call for a wave of hope that will lay the track for comprehensive immigration reform” concluded Murguia.