Category: Integration

U.S. Policies Make It Harder for Mexican Graduates to Participate Fully in the Workforce

A growing number of Mexican immigrants in the United States have college degrees, but many of them encounter obstacles to putting their education to productive use in this country. Problems involving legal status, credentialing, and English mastery often stand between these college graduates and professional jobs in their fields of study. A report from the […]

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Tuition Equity Policies for Immigrant Students Continue to Advance at the State Level

Attending a four-year public college or university is out of reach for many students without U.S. citizenship. But thanks to a growing number of new state laws—which make certain students eligible for in-state tuition rates—many more college hopefuls may be able to pursue higher education. There is a notable trend among the many immigration-related bills […]

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How Rural Communities Are Embracing Immigrants and Thriving as a Result

Small and rural towns across America are increasingly faced with the opportunities and challenges that come with settling new immigrants. In nearly 3,000 rural American towns, the immigrant population grew by 130 percent since 1990. While immigrants are increasingly credited with bringing growth and stimulus to small town America, their arrival can also create tension […]

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