Author: Diana Orces

Personal Values and Friendly Contact Associated With Positive Attitudes Toward Undocumented Immigrants

We need to understand the views native-born Americans hold toward immigrants. This is central to building more welcoming communities and toning down our polarization. Unfortunately, most public opinion polls only reveal Americans’ conflicted views on immigration. There is little understanding about why Americans hold the views they do. A new report from the American Immigration […]

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Immigrants Have More Faith in American Institutions Than the Native-Born

Despite the fact that immigrants living in and arriving in the United States today are not exactly receiving a warm welcome by key government institutions, a recent poll by the Cato Institute shows that immigrants’ faith in America’s key political institutions is strong. In fact, stronger than that of the native-born. General attitudes among the […]

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How Rural Communities Are Embracing Immigrants and Thriving as a Result

Small and rural towns across America are increasingly faced with the opportunities and challenges that come with settling new immigrants. In nearly 3,000 rural American towns, the immigrant population grew by 130 percent since 1990. While immigrants are increasingly credited with bringing growth and stimulus to small town America, their arrival can also create tension […]

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First International Agreement on Migration Lacks US Participation

For the first time, countries across the world recognized the importance of coordinated action to address the growing challenges of managing migration. On Monday, more than 160 United Nations member states adopted the Global Compact on Migration in Marrakesh, Morocco, without the support of the United States. The Global Compact is the first international agreement […]

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