This week FAIR-an anti-immigration hate group— issued another new report based on dubious facts and assertions.  “Immigration Lobbying: A Window Into the World of Special Interests” ultimately shows that the vast majority of groups lobbying on immigration legislation are not “pro-enforcement-only,” but rather support a comprehensive approach to immigration reform-including enforcement.  Of course, this was not FAIR’s intention – they wanted to show that these groups only support immigration reform because it is in their own self-interest and are not looking out for the majority of the “American people.”  Apparently the American people are only represented by FAIR and the rest of the 2.1% of lobbying groups that are “pro-enforcement-only.”

FAIR insists that polls show that the American people want greater enforcement of immigration laws.  However, the report fails to mention that poll after poll also demonstrates that the majority of Americans believe that a comprehensive solution that includes legalization in addition to enforcement is necessary.

Based on a dubious analysis of official lobbying reports, FAIR finds that only about 2% of the groups lobbying on immigration issues are “pro-enforcement” groups.  According to the report, the other 98% of groups working on immigration issues namely business, labor, and advocacy groups, support “amnesty” and oppose enforcement.  This assertion is baffling since all of the bills the report examines include major enforcement provisions, including a mandatory employment verification system.  Secondly, FAIR further insists that while these groups say that they are working for the betterment of all Americans, in reality “they are lobbying to influence legislation that benefits a particular ethnic minority and their agenda runs counter to the wishes of the majority of Americans.”  Why? Because FAIR says so.

Wait a minute.

Basically FAIR is saying that groups that represent Catholics, Jews, Latinos, union members, business owners, and school administrators don’t represent any Americans.  Apparently Catholics, Jews, Latinos, Asians, union members, business owners, and school administrators are not Americans, or at least not real Americans.  Either that, or all of these groups let organizations represent them, even though the organizations are wrong.  Only FAIR and its friends (TWO PERCENT) really represent what Americans want.

Perhaps the fact that only 2% of the lobbyists are “pro-enforcement-only” is evidence that they are not in touch with the American public. Doesn’t the fact that business, labor, faith groups, ethnic groups, and others have all come together to support comprehensive immigration reform tell FAIR something? Moreover, what has FAIR ever done to benefit “Americans” other than support immigration restrictions?

This is another attempt to get policymakers to believe that they should not support a comprehensive solution to our immigration problems.  Like all of their other arguments, this one falls flat.