Think Progress has reported that Chip Saltsman is no longer in the running for the next chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC).  Yesterday, we reported on Saltsman’s offensive inclusion of a song called “The Star Spanglish Banner” in a controversial holiday CD that he sent to RNC members as a Christmas gift.  Think Progress explains:

CQ reports that Chip Saltsman — who became notorious for mailing out the “Barack the Magic Negro” CD as a Christmas present to friends — will not be on the ballot for chair of the Republican National Committee because he was “unable to cobble together the six supporters necessary for nomination. The deadline for Saltsman to come up with two nominators from each of three states was 5 p.m.” The remaining five candidates are current chairman Mike Duncan, former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, former Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, South Carolina Chairman Katon Dawson, and Michigan Chairman Saul Anuzis.