Who would have believed a year ago that a conservative New York legislator named Kirsten Gillibrand, who formerly opposed immigration reform, would become the junior New York Senator and co-sponsor the Dream Act, giving the children of the undocumented a shot at higher education, in her first few months in office? And who would have imagined that undocumented workers caught up in work-place raids would be given due process when ICE raided their workplace, just a few months after some of the worst and most unjust workplace raids had taken place in our country’s history? And who would have predicted that the GOP would be handing out training manuals to their very own members advising them on how to reach out and engage with the Latino community? And even more amazing, who would have thought that we would have an African-American president promising to tackle our broken immigration system in his first year in office and spending plenty of time speaking directly to the Latino community on Spanish language radio and television? It’s clear-The Times They Are A-Changin’