Today, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley announced his disapproval of a bill intended to change parts of the state’s extreme immigration law (HB 56) and initiated a special legislative session  to address the problems. Yesterday, on the last day of the state’s regular legislative session, the Alabama Senate passed a version of a tweak bill that, according to one source, “preserved a section allowing law enforcement to check the status of those they have “reasonable suspicion” of being in the country unlawfully, language banning undocumented aliens from renting property and a requirement for schools to ask for the immigration status of students at time of enrollment.” Additionally, the bill approved yesterday would require the DHS to “post a quarterly list of the names of any undocumented aliens who appear in court for a violation of state law.”

“There were some things added (to the bill) that I think is a public relations problem that I would like to deal with,” Bentley said. “I just don’t want children to be asked about the parents’ legal status.”