Immigration reform, along with education, taxes, health care, and “values” make up the list of priorities identified by one of the nation’s new and powerful political blocs:  Latinas.

The Washington Post reports:

  • Latina McCain supporters give the Republican candidate enduring credit for being a champion of immigration reform, even if lately he has somewhat backed away from his former position.
  • Meanwhile, Latina Obama supporters question McCain’s continued commitment to immigration reform and see Obama as representing the sort of change that would spearhead the comprehensive immigration reform that the country needs.
  • Latinas were also said to view immigration as a moral issue:  “Yes, we’re not for abortion, but immigration is a deal-breaker,” Roxana Cazares Olivas of Latinas por Obama tells the Washington Post.

The report concludes that Latinas agree on most of their priorities, but they share a bi-partisan view when it comes to who they think will best address them.

Photo by Shapeshift.