The House voted to approve a measure Tuesday to fund the Department of Homeland Security through September, the rest of the fiscal year. The bill, which originally passed the Senate on Friday, is a “clean” funding bill without any amendments attempting to defund President Obama’s executive actions. The House vote was 257-167, with only Republicans voting against the measure. The House passed a one-week funding bill last Friday to give them time to see if the Senate would go to conference to consider the differences between the two chambers’ DHS funding measures, but the Senate rejected a conference on Monday, which cleared the way for the House to bring this bill to a vote.

According to Huffington Post, in a meeting with Republicans on Tuesday morning, House Speaker John Boehner told his caucus that the best way forward was to vote on a clean measure rather than risk the department shutting down. “With more active threats coming into the homeland, I don’t believe that’s an option,” he said, according to Huffington Post.

UPDATE: President Obama signed the funding measure on Wednesday.

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