Author: Claudia Valenzuela

Immigration Groups Are Using This Tool to Expose Government Secrets

Many of the country’s top immigration agencies operate in secret. This lack of transparency in how immigration laws are implemented, administered, and enforced has the potential to devastate the lives of millions of immigrants and their families. Fortunately, there is a powerful tool—the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)—that ensures government agencies comply with their obligations […]

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The Government Is Hiding Information About How It Deports People – This Lawsuit Seeks to Expose That

The Trump administration’s aggressive enforcement tactics have made immigrants with final removal orders more vulnerable. That’s why it is more important than ever to have basic due process safeguards and to understand how they are implemented. A stay of removal (temporary reprieve from deportation) is one such safeguard in the deportation process. It helps ensure […]

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Immigrant Mothers Are Filing Claims for Monetary Compensation in the Wake of Family Separation Crisis

In April 2018, the Trump administration officially rolled out its “zero tolerance” policy—a policy that has since been universally condemned for its cruel and unlawful practice of separating parents and children migrating to the United States. The policy has had widely documented traumatic and enduring effects on parents and their children. Immigration advocates filed six […]

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