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Calls to Reform ‘Irredeemably Dysfunctional’ Immigration Court System Grow Louder

In an exhaustive report  on the immigration court system, the American Bar Association (ABA) called on Congress to make sweeping changes in order to fix a system “on the brink of collapse.” According to the ABA, the immigration courts—which currently face backlogs of over 855,000 cases—are so “irredeemably dysfunctional” that the only solution is for […]

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Immigration Courts’ Growing Reliance on Videoconference Hearings Is Being Challenged

In some parts of the country, it has long been the practice for detained immigrants to appear for their immigration court hearings via video teleconference (“VTC”), rather than in-person. This is especially the case for immigrants being held in remote detention centers, hours from the nearest immigration court. However, under the Trump administration, immigration courts […]

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Setting the Record Straight: Asylum Seekers Show Up for Court

Immigration restrictionists have often repeated a bold and erroneous claim: that there is a serious problem of asylum seekers who come to the U.S. border and disappear once released from detention. But both fact-checkers and independent studies show this is not true. In reality, the vast majority of asylum seekers diligently attend all of their […]

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As Shutdown Moves Into Fourth Week, Most Immigration Courts Remain Shuttered

With the government shutdown dragging into its fourth week—marking the longest shutdown in U.S. history—most of the nation’s immigration courts remain closed. The Trump administration decries immigration court backlogs and has implemented short cuts that limit and threaten due process to address the backlogs. Yet he has contributed to a shutdown that has led to […]

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As 2018 Draws to a Close, Immigration Court Backlogs Reach Record Levels

In the first two years of the Trump administration, immigration hardliners made repeated attempts to reduce immigration court backlogs, from hiring nearly100 new immigration judges to limiting judges’ abilities to manage their dockets. However, a new report from the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) shows that despite the administration’s efforts, the backlogs continue to grow […]

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