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Calls to Reform ‘Irredeemably Dysfunctional’ Immigration Court System Grow Louder

In an exhaustive report  on the immigration court system, the American Bar Association (ABA) called on Congress to make sweeping changes in order to fix a system “on the brink of collapse.” According to the ABA, the immigration courts—which currently face backlogs of over 855,000 cases—are so “irredeemably dysfunctional” that the only solution is for […]

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Government Officials Deflect Responsibility for Family Separation at Congressional Hearing

At an oversight hearing on family separation in front of the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, government officials from four different agencies dug in against criticisms and denied any accountability for the Trump administration’s family separation policy. All but one of the officials admitted under questioning that they had not raised any objection to family […]

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What Matthew Whitaker’s Designation as Acting Attorney General Means for Immigration

Following Jeff Sessions’ resignation as Attorney General, President Trump named Matthew Whitaker to replace him—a move that has already inspired multiple lawsuits that contend the designation was illegal. In a recent immigration case, an amicus brief explains why designating Sessions’ former chief of staff is unlawful. The amicus brief was filed in Matter of Negusie, […]

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